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Zanbagh Hotel
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Spread over 15000 square meters locate at the entrance boulvard of Yazd city with leisure facilities like kids play ground, conference hall, beautiful coffee shop and fast food area in the garden with a lovely ambience. A beautiful hotel with 31 rooms and 2 connected suits, isolated weddin .......
Zanbagh Hotel
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in Zanbagh 4 star you will command modern facilities
Coffee Shop
a calm and soothing circumference for you honoured.
One of Zanbagh Hotel distinction is its airspace coffeshop. great Enclosure under desert’s sky. The best fast foods in quality, different drinks in warm or cold with expert personnels is Zanbagh Hotel facilities of services.
wedding hall gallery
splendid hall for ceremonies.
Zanbagh hall by capasity of more than 1000 persons with expert waiter and waitresses has a great resume in wedding ceremony, feast, special events of religious and cultural meeting. Special facilities of Zanbagh Hall professional lightening, equiped floodlight, music and vocal equipment, groom and bride stand is ready for your ceremonies.
conference hall
different hallswith modern equipments for meetings
zanbagh conferrence Hall by capasity of 50 persons and also facilities like video projection, vocal equipments, touchable board is ready for conferrences, workshops, meetings and etc.